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Stephen Clark Jones
Commander, USN

E-mail address available as of 2003.

(From SCJ 15305) "I graduated from Slidell High School in 1966 and enlisted in the Navy in 1967. In January of 2000, I retired from the Navy after 32 years of service and 13 different ranks, as a Commander, one rank lower than a Captain. During the course of my career, I either repaired jet aircraft on aircraft carriers or led the men who did. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of North Florida in 1982 and am working on a Masters in Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins in addition to a full-time job at Veridian Engineering. Full rank and name, Cdr. Stephen Clark Jones, Jr., USN (ret)."


Stephen Clark Jones

*1919 10 05 Providence, RI USA
+1992 01 Orange Park, FL

US SSN 039-01-9934 (whence date of death)

(From SCJ 15305) "He died in Orange Park, FL and was cremated also. They [he and his wife are] both ensconced in an alcove at the Jacksonville Memorial Cemetery in Orange Park, FL."

11645 <3:1

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Mary Cady (Mahie) Chew

*1923 05 16 Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
+1987 02 19 Orange Park. FL USA

(From JJC 10003) Second of three children, died shortly after the memorial service for her father, which took place in the summer of 1986.

(From SCJ 15305) "My mother [...] was [...] born at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She died in Orange Park, FL and was cremated. [...] They [she and her husband] are both ensconced in an alcove at the Jacksonville Memorial Cemetery in Orange Park, FL."

US SSN 038-16-9529, if she was actually born 1923 05 16. If so, she died 1987 02 in Florida.

1923 05 16 is correct per conversation with her sister Beechie 2013-12-20, who also gave her date of death.

11644 <3:1

Robert Smith (Rob) Chew
Captain, USN (SC)

*1887 03 04 Washington DC USA
+1985 12 26 Jamestown, Newport, RI USA

US SSN 038-24-0256

(From JJC 10003) "At least one of his children was born in Guantanamo, I think it was Bobby."

(From BC 15310) Beatrice and Mary were both born at Guantanamo.

(From SJC 15305) "My mother, Mary Cady Chew [11644], was born at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A couple of years ago [as of 2003] during a driving tour of Conanicut Island, my Aunt Beechie told me Uncle Bobby was born in Jamestown at the Pollock's house. She pointed it out as we drove by in Shoreby Hills."

Wedding reported in New York Times 1921-06-05 on p. 22

10009 <10:3

Robert Smith Chew
1848 10-1923
10021 <50:5
Robert Smith Chew
10043 <61:6 >12637:80
Elizabeth Ringold Smith
10044 <61:6 >2163:81
Mary Emott (Minnie) Cady
1862 09 14-1943
10034 <50:5
Howard Cleveland Cady
10045 <56:6 >161:11
Mary Denison Heard
10046 <56:6 >1878:80
Beatrice Hale (Bee) Pollock

Spelling corrected from Pollack by SCJ 15305.

11642 <10:3

Edwin Taylor Pollock
? ?


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