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Jamie Chew: Web Log Archive (Volume 0)

Labour and before 31 hours of labour lead to one beautiful boy.
Week One Getting used to life with Jamie.
Week Two Jennifer goes home, and we survive.
Week Three First trip to the club, and a baby shower.
Week Four The Canadian Scrabble Championship.
Week Five Recovering from the CNSC, Jamie has a lot of gas.
Week Six Movies, concerts and outings galore.
Week Seven Christmas, and Kristen's family comes to visit.
Week Eight Jamie celebrates the New Year with a cold.
Week Nine Getting ready for John's trip to Greenport NY.
Week Ten John goes away for the week, Jennifer comes to help.
Week Eleven Jamie goes to the U of T, orders his passport, starts a feeding frenzy.
Week Twelve Jamie goes to Kingston, rolls over.
Week Thirteen Jamie goes to the Yucatan and swims in the Caribbean.
Week Fourteen Jamie gets his first book, goes to Cozumel.
Week Fifteen Jamie enjoys a few more tropical days, then flies home.
Week Sixteen Jamie chatters, laughs and is even cuter than usual.
Week Seventeen Jamie enjoys walks and somersaults.
Week Eighteen Jamie communicates needs, meets Mr. Windup Fish.
Week Nineteen Jamie tries a banana, notices trucks.
Week Twenty Jamie fights a cold, makes whale sounds, picks things up, whacks keyboard. Rika moves in.
Week Twenty-One Jamie goes to Boston.
Week Twenty-Two Jamie comes home, calms down.
Week Twenty-Three Jamie gets new shoes, starts eating solid food.
Week Twenty-Four Jamie eats more, teethes more.
Week Twenty-Five Jamie reaches, grabs, drops, rolls.
Week Twenty-Six Jamie eats even more, has a ball.
Week Twenty-Seven Jamie turns six months old and cuts his first tooth.
Week Twenty-Eight Jamie gets a balloon, sees fireworks, works on tooth #2.
Week Twenty-Nine Jamie cuts his second tooth, visits Peter and Leslie.
Week Thirty Jamie helps his dad and his godbrother celebrate birthdays.
Week Thirty-One Jamie turns seven months old, can pull himself up.
Week Thirty-Two Jamie decides that he can walk now.
Week Thirty-Three Jamie works on another tooth, gets his six-month shots.
Week Thirty-Four Jamie goes to Albany, everyone gets sick.
Week Thirty-Five Jamie learns what his neck is for.
Week Thirty-Six Jamie goes to Orleans.
Week Thirty-Seven Jamie learns the gochisousama sign.
Week Thirty-Eight Jamie catches a cold and goes to New Orleans.
Week Thirty-Nine Jamie comes home from New Orleans.
Week Forty Jamie celebrates his ninth birthday with a cookie.
Week Forty-One Jamie learns how to flush the toilet.
Week Forty-Two Jamie stands free for four seconds.
Week Forty-Three Jamie celebrates the end of the summer at the wading pool.
Week Forty-Four Jamie is ten months old, can say "Da" for "Daniel".
Week Forty-Five Jamie starts to recognize the letter "J".
Week Forty-Six Jamie is obsessed with lights and fans.
Week Forty-Seven Jamie attends the Toronto Scrabble Tournament.
Week Forty-Eight Jamie has a cold, takes walks.
Week Forty-Nine Jamie's car seat faces forward.
Week Fifty Jamie's first visit to Geoff and Derek's.
Week Fifty-One Momoko leaves, Rika returns.
Week Fifty-Two Rain, rain, rain.
Week Fifty-Three Jamie's first birthday.
Week Fifty-Four Jamie has a cold during the Kingston Cup and UK NSC.
Week Fifty-Five Jamie says "booboo", enjoys Teletubbies.
Week Fifty-Six Jamie's second winter begins.
Week Fifty-Seven Jamie's cousin Rebecca visits.
Week Fifty-Eight Christmas shopping with Jamie.
Week Fifty-Nine Jamie's second Christmas.
Week Sixty Jamie's second New Year's.
Week Sixty-One Jamie thinks playing is more fun than watching TV.
Week Sixty-Two Jamie wants to do it all.
Week Sixty-Three Jamie gets ready for Mexico, in -20°C windchills.
Week Sixty-Four Jamie plans his life.
Week Sixty-Five Jamie returns to Mexico.
Week Sixty-Six Jamie finds a stuffed lion.
Week Sixty-Seven Jamie loves the beach.
Week Sixty-Eight Jamie flies home.
Week Sixty-Nine Mio comes to help.
Week Seventy Jamie goes to Ottawa for March Break.
Week Seventy-One Jamie comes home from Ottawa.
Week Seventy-Two Jamie celebrates Mom's birthday and Easter.
Week Seventy-Three Wet snow in early April.
Week Seventy-Four Many more teeth.
Week Seventy-Five Jamie knows what a "park" is.
Week Seventy-Six (description to follow).
Week Seventy-Seven (description to follow).
Week Seventy-Eight (description to follow).
Week Seventy-Nine (description to follow).
Week Eighty (description to follow).
Week Eighty-One (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Two (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Three (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Four (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Five (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Six (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Seven (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Eight (description to follow).
Week Eighty-Nine (description to follow).
Week Ninety (description to follow).
Week Ninety-One (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Two (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Three (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Four (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Five (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Six (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Seven (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Eight (description to follow).
Week Ninety-Nine (description to follow).
Volume 1 (description to follow).