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Poslfit Recipes: Salmon Donburi

250 mL dashi
4 T Japanese soy sauce
2 T sake
2 T mirin
2 T sugar
1 smallish (yellow) cooking onion, thinly sliced
1 c. (half a thick steak) of cooked salmon, skin and bones removed
4 eggs, thoroughly mixed
4 bowls of steamed rice
1 or 2 green onions, thinly sliced
a few small sheets of nori, cut into slivers
One of my favourite Japanese dishes is oyakodon, which is essentially this dish but with chicken instead of salmon. In our household though, we often grill more salmon than we can eat in one sitting, and this is a great way to deal with leftovers in the next few days. This recipe is based on the one published by Noriko at the excellent Japanese Cooking 101 website, adjusted to our own taste. Serves 4 (but see also the single-person version).
Add dashi, soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar directly to a large frying pan, apply medium high heat, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves.
Reduce to medium heat. Add the yellow onion, breaking it up so that all its rings are separate and immersed. Cook for two minutes.
Add the salmon, breaking it up and mixing with onions so that both are evenly distributed in the pan.
Add the eggs, cover, and cook for about two minutes, until the egg sets.
Remove from heat, pour onto bowls of rice. Garnish with green onions and nori.