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Poslfit Recipes: Fried Rice

2 T oil
1 medium or ½ large cooking onion, diced
1 bird's eye chili (finely sliced)
½ c. diced vegetables (e.g. fresh carrots, or cooked or uncooked green beans)
600 g of reheated cooked rice (in our house, that’s four 150 g freezer containers)
2 large eggs, beaten
¾–1 c. cooked seafood, poultry or meat, chopped into small pieces
1 T soy sauce (or to taste)
1–2 green onions, chopped
This one is also for my teenage sons, to remind them what to do with leftovers, which is why the vegetable and protein ingredients are vague.
Add oil to large frypan or wok, raise heat to maximum.
When oil is hot, carefully add onions without splashing, cook for a minute, stirring frequently.
Add uncooked diced vegetables, if any, with chili pepper. Cook until almost done (check by tasting), stirring frequently. Reduce heat to medium-high. Remove from pan into large bowl.
Add rice, break up a little using slotted spatula.
Make a hole in the middle of the rice, add egg, let sit for 30 seconds until starting to set.
Stir egg into rice, continuing to break up rice chunks with spatula.
Add cooked diced vegetables (if any), cooked animal protein, and soy sauce. Keep stirring.
Once everything is back to steaming hot, taste and add more soy sauce if necessary. Add green onions, cook for 30 more seconds, then turn off heat and serve.