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And I desire a lot of books. The list was starting to grow so large, as a matter of fact, that I've had to divide it into fiction and non-fiction just to keep it managable. I've also added a 'Top Ten' list of things (in no particular order) that I would love to read Right Now (although any book on this list would make a good birthday or Christmas gift, hint hint). And I promise to update as I slowly achieve the desired acquisitions.

Mind you, as I look at this rapidly mutating list, I think that separate pages are going to be necessary soon for fiction, non-fiction, and Japanese titles...

The 2004 Birthday List

Here, by popular request, is my birthday want list for 2004. There are a few things other than books here listed, and I apologize for the lack of page purity, but plead need for speed in posting.

This bit last updated March 30, 2002

The Top Ten




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