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Much has happened since I last updated this site a year and a half ago. We bought a new iMac for me, because households run much better with two Macs and not one, but kept neglecting to figure out how to update my website from the new computer (laziness). Then, in October, 2003, I left UTP and started working as Senior Trade Editor for James Lorimer and Company. I got pregnant on our annual trip to Mexico in February, and am now expecting a baby Chew in November. I'll be going on maternity leave at the end of August, and am very relieved to be doing so. I'll spend the rest of the time before the baby is born practicing Japanese, and trying to decompress from eleven months of very stressful work.

I'll be setting up a baby page soon, to keep anyone interested up to date who is interested. I, of course, am just a wee obsessive about the whole thing. --22 June, 2003

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