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Save Our Tree!

Meadowhill Group is proposing to tear down the late Dr. Bond's bungalow at the northeast corner of Broadview Avenue and Fulton Avenue and replace it with four four-storey semidetached homes. Here's what the site looks like right now:

What's the problem? In order to build the two eastern units (rightmost in the photo above), they'll have to kill the maple tree next door. And it's not just any maple tree, it's the most beautiful tree in the entire neighbourhood, thanks to decades of tender care and a fortuitous location free of overhead wires necessitating pruning.

Any way you look at it...

This is one spectacular...

Treasure of a tree.

click here if the video doesn't start playing right away.
Time-lapse video created by David Taylor.

John Chew
9 Fulton Avenue
(416) 876-7675