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Photos: John James (Jamie) Chew, IV

Each numbered set has thirteen weeks of photos (except possibly the last one, which is still being added to), arranged chronologically. Most are originally shot at 1600x1200, suitable for printing at 4x6 (inch) size.

P0012003-11-112004-02-09Jamie's first thirteen weeks.
P0022004-02-102004-05-10Jamie's second thirteen weeks.
P0032004-05-112004-08-09Jamie's third thirteen weeks.
P0042004-08-102004-11-08Jamie's fourth thirteen weeks.
P0052004-11-092005-02-07Jamie's fifth thirteen weeks.
P0062005-02-082005-05-09Jamie's sixth thirteen weeks.
P0072005-05-102005-08-08Jamie's seventh thirteen weeks.
P0082005-08-092005-11-07Jamie's eighth thirteen weeks.
P0092005-11-082006-02-06Jamie's ninth thirteen weeks.
P0102006-02-072006-05-08Jamie's tenth thirteen weeks.
P0112006-05-092006-08-07Jamie's eleventh thirteen weeks.
P0122006-08-082006-11-06Jamie and Liam's twelfth thirteen weeks.
P0132006-11-072007-02-05Jamie and Liam's thirteenth thirteen weeks.
P0142007-02-062007-05-07Jamie and Liam's fourteenth thirteen weeks.
P0152007-05-082007-08-06Jamie and Liam's fifteenth thirteen weeks.
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