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S. Bassett French (288)

S. Bassett French's collection of biographical sketches, handwritten notes for a planned work to be entitled "Annals of Prominent Virginians of the XIX Century", are available in digital form in the on-line collection of the Library of Virginia. This web page gives a transcription of page 288 of that collection, transcribed by John J. Chew, III <> +1 416 876 7675.

Chew, John Clerk 2nd Son of
Robt. C in Spotsylvania Co. 17--
served[?] in Revolutionary War. Clerk
of Spot. Co Court 1787-1802, and
of the Corporation Court of Fredr-
ricksburg 1787-1806.

Chew, Robert Smith Clerk, son of
John, b in Spot. Co. 17--
Clerk of Spot. Co. 1802-18, and
of the Corporation Court of Fredricks
burg 1806-26 1806-26. d Nov. 23, 1825.

Chew, John James Clerk, son of
Robt S. b in Spots. Co. 17--
Clerk of the Corporation Court of
Fredericksburg - 1826-70, with
an interim of two Years in recon-
struction times

Chew, Col Robt S - Son of John J