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poslfit: anagrams

Anagrams is a game tournament Scrabble players play in their spare time. Here are two sets of formal rules for a head-to-head, timed version.

Here is a log of an experimental game played on April 23rd, 2005 in Boston. The players were Brian Cappelletto, John O'Laughlin, Peter Armstrong, Amit Chakrabarti, Nathan Benedict and Mark Przybyszewski. John Chew acted as annotator and word judge; Joel Sherman was time keeper and moderator. Steals were permitted only within ten-second turns, with additional turns awarded for each capture. The log alternates keyboard input (prefaced by . for tile draws or an = for captures) with the refreshed state of the game.

In 2005, the NSA held an Anagrams Championship as part of the NSC, using its own rules.