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Books Acquired

The following is a list of books acquired independently by Kristen Pederson Chew while working for the University of Toronto Press. The list includes only those books which were eventually published as of mid-2002.


  1. J. G. Bellamy: The Criminal Trial in Later Medieval England
  2. Biedler and Beibel, eds., Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale and Prologue
  3. Magnus Fjalldal, The Long Arm of Coincidence: The Frustrated Connection Between Beowulf and Grettir's Saga
  4. Jean LeDrew Metcalfe: A Mothers Legacie to her Unborn Childe


  1. Stillman Drake, Essays on Galileo, Noel Swerdlow and Trevor Levere, eds.
  2. Roy Laird: The Unfinished Mechanics of Guiseppe Moletti
  3. Murray and Rice, Talking on the Page
  4. Sutton, ed., Chaucer's Pardoner's Prologue and Tale. An Annotated Bibliography, 1900-1995
  5. C. C. W. Taylor, ed., The Atomists: Leucippus and Democritus: Fragments
  6. Juan Luis Vives, On Assistance to the Poor (Renaissance Academy of America Reprints for Teaching series)


  1. Dominic Baker-Smith, More's Utopia (Renaissance Academy of America Reprints for Teaching series)
  2. Gene Bruckner: The Society of Renaissance Florence (Renaissance Academy of America Reprints for Teaching series)
  3. Donald Cheney and Brenda Hosington, Elizabeth Jane Weston: Collected Writings
  4. R. A. Hazzard: Imagination of a Monarch: Studies in Ptolemaic Propaganda
  5. Peter Millard, ed., Notes of Me: The Autobiography of Roger North
  6. Guthrun Nordal, Tools of Literacy
  7. Mark Roskill, Dolce's Aretino and Venetian Art Theory of the Cinquecento (Renaissance Academy of America Reprints for Teaching series)
  8. Gary Waite: Reformers on Stage: Popular Drama and Religious Propeganda in the Low Countries of Charles V, 1515-1556
  9. Glen Wickens, Thomas Hardy, Monism, and the Carnival Tradition: The One and the Many in The Dynasts
  10. Malcolm Wilson, Aristotle's Theory of the Unity of Science


  1. Hazel Bell: Indexers and Indexes in Fact and Fiction
  2. David Chambers and Brian Pullan, Venice: A Documentary History 1450-1630 (Renaissance Academy of America Reprints for Teaching series)
  3. Alison Conway: Private Interests: Women, Portraiture, and the Visual Culture of the English Novel, 1709-1791
  4. Peter Dendle: Satan Unbound: The Devil in Old English Narrative Literature
  5. Suzanne Keen: Romances of the Archive in Contemporary British Fiction
  6. Diane McGee, Writing the Meal
  7. Goran Stanivukovic, Ovid and the Renaissance Body
  8. Wolf: Jews in the Canary Islands (Renaissance Academy of America Reprints for Teaching series)
  9. Derek N. C. Wood, Exiled from Light: Divine Law, Morality, and Violence in Milton's Samson Agonistes


  1. Leonard Connelly, ed., Bernard Shaw and Barry Jackson
  2. James Lesher, ed., Xenophanes of Colophon: Fragments (paperback)
  3. Andrew MacDonald, ed., Scotland in the Middle Ages: History, Literature, and Music
  4. Michael Mackinnon, Excavations of San Giovanni di Ruoti, Volume 3
  5. Caroline Roberts: The Woman and the Hour