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John MacPherson

*1845 Dundee, Scotland

See IS 10050 for source of all information other than name and father's name (from JJC 10005). One source at FamilySearch gives middle name of McDonald. 9WGT-MD5 on FamilySearch.


William MacPherson


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Isabel McNichol

See IS 10050.


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Isabel Somerville

*1849 near Glasgow, Scotland

The following info from New York City Marriage records at Family Search (giving name as Isabella, but matching parents' and spouse's names): marriage date, husband's age (23), estimated DOB, parents, own place of birth

10050 <2:1

m. 1868 08 22
Mabel MacPherson

From JJC 10003, who said his father poked fun at her being hard of hearing by calling her "Aunt Maple" (she couldn't tell the difference, but was good-natured and didn't seem to mind); he saw her in New York and Mountain Lakes. Never married. Listed in 1910 census as single and 33, living with her brother-in-law JWR 110461.


Jessie Belle MacPherson


JJC 10003: Died of bladder cancer. Said "I married your grandfather because he threatened to jump off the Staten Island Ferry if I wouldn't marry him, and I believed him. He can go jump in the lake right now if he likes, I won't stop him."

1920 Census: Boonton Ward 3, Morris, New Jersey, living with daughter Jessie K Lobdell, mother (presumably -in-law) Catherine Dunn, and niece Dorothy Rutan.

Is not likely to be the one listed in the 1940 census living with a Will Lobdell age 78, because she was listed in the 1940 census living with JJC 10005.

JJC 10005 originally had her middle name as Bell (no -e), but JKL 10004's death certificate gives the spelling Belle.


Frederick Watkins Lobdell

Enumerated in 1870 census in New York City District 25 Ward 19 page 55 dwelling 484, living with Jas. Y Watkins (63, M, [T?]inner), Cath Watkins (60, F), Kate Watkins (32, F), Frank Watkins (19, M), Lewis Watkins (29, M), Cinthia Watkins (28, F), Mary Watkins (4, F), Sarah Reeve (70, F), Mary Conner (30, F, Servant, b. Ireland), Emma Magraw [?] (14, F, Chinese [rest of page suggests that enumerator may have coded Blacks incorrectly as Chinese], b. Geo [?]). All born in NY except as noted.

Graduate of CCNY (now CUNY). Member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Shriner.

Not in SSDI.

No other children.

Was assumed to be Jewish by his colleagues, never denied it.

Alzheimer's Disease.

10041 <80:15

m. 1887 11 05 The Little Church Around The Corner, New York, NY, USA
Jessie Katherine Lobdell

10004 >31:4

Edward D Lobdell

19119 >6:2

Ida MacPherson

*1873 NY, USA
+1906 07 04 Paterson, Passaic Co., NJ, USA

FamilySearch LYWW-FTC

Parents inferred from family lore and census data: if Ida's daughter Dorothy was the niece of JBP 10042, then Ida must have been the sister of JBP 10042.


James William Rutan
1863 03 23-1921 04 16

Head of household in 1910 census of Paterson Ward 11, Passaic, NJ, USA, listed as William, aged 47 born in NJ (also parents), with son Ray (Roy?) (22), son William Jr. (12), daughter Dorothy (4), sister-in-law Mabel MacPherson (born in NY, parents listed as born Scot/English). Children all born in NJ, their unnamed mother born in NY.

FamilySearch LYW7-ZZ6.

On FamilySearch, Reed Guymon says that he married Geneva Nanny (1867-1888) at Middleton, Orange Co. NY in 1887, but that she died in 1888 of blood poisoning, and he had to remarry. He and many relatives are buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery.


William A. Rutan


Dorothy Somerville Rutan

110460 >1:1

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